SEO Vs PPC – Which is the Better Marketing Tool For Your Small Business?

As a small or home-based business owner,SEO Vs PPC – Which is the Better Marketing Tool For Your Small Business? Articles most of you probably already have a website up and running. You set one up primarily to expand your market reach. Most likely, you have also heard about Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as ways to increase Web traffic to your site. But which is most effective for your business?

Before we go into the pros and cons of PPC and SEO, let’s first briefly discuss how online advertising works and why it is important to you.

As means of online advertising, both SEO and PPC rely on the use of keywords on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, AOL and MSN, to find relevant Web pages. Search engines use Web Crawlers or Spiders to scan the World Wide Web for web pages that contain content and links that are relevant to the search keyword. Relevant pages are then listed in the search result page in the order of their relevance as judged by the search engines.

This is important because the great majority of Internet users usually don’t bother to go very deep in the search result pages. They usually review only the first page of results…maybe clicking on to the second or third pages. If a particular search result doesn’t give them what they want, they’re off to another keyword search.

That’s why web sites that rank high in the search results always get high traffic 강서 op volume. What’s more, this high traffic is consist of pre-qualified prospects – prospects who are actually searching something online as indicated by the keyword they used.

Therefore, the importance of ranking high on relevant searches cannot be over emphasized. It is the primary way to increase web site traffic and eventual conversions. You can achieve high rankings either organically (through SEO) or by paying your way there (through PPC).

So what are some advantages and disadvantages of each tool to increase website traffic?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization – rank websites on the search engine result based on the relevance of the search keyword to its content. It is also known as organic search engine optimization. Here are some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of SEO

1. Generating a visitor from organic search engine results will cost you nothing.

2. Your website will be able to hold the ranking it attains through SEO long after the optimization of your website is done. Thus in the long term, SEO can be more cost effective than PPC.

3. Websites that rank high in organic search results are perceived to be more trustworthy by visitors because they are differentiated from paid advertisement listings.